Friday, February 1, 2013

Wrap Me Up With Kisses!

blushing nectarine wrap me up with kisses body scrub, bitsandtreats
I love bath and body products that is why I was very excited when I got this gift from my best friend M. This body scrub is a part of that set.

This scrub smells so nice and is very gentle. It has tiny beads for scrubbing. This is great for sensitive skin. I didn’t itch nor have any rashes after using it. But I think the beads are too small for my taste. I’m used to the beads of Asian Secrets scrub. I don’t feel that this product can exfoliate my skin that well. It almost felt like a body wash. That’s how gentle the beads were.

Anyway, it smells nice, it’s gentle and it made my skin a bit soft plus I got it as a gift! Who am I to complain?

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