Friday, February 22, 2013

Choose Chi Chi

This is a part of the gift that A gave me for Christmas:

choose chi chi coconut vanilla body souffle, bitsandtreats

She got this in Australia when she went there for work/vacation last December. I have this habit of using products that I don’t like first then using the best ones last. I smelled each tub and I thought that this had the weirdest scent but when I applied it on my skin, it smelled really nice! I thought the coconut and vanilla would be so overwhelming. I mean they are both strong scents on their own and combined???

coconut vanilla body souffle, bitsandtreats

The product itself is orange and reminds me of papayas. I have no idea why they made 2 white products orange.

The tub is not full. It’s about half full. I am almost done with this tub. I like it very much as it keeps my skin moisturized for a decent amount of time. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and I’m thankful that the weather has been nice and cool again lately so this body soufflĂ© does not make my skin sticky. It also gets absorbed easily and leaves a nice faint smell on skin.

I have two more tubs and I’m hoping I can finish them before summer arrives.

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