Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 2013 Empties

I was amazed with the amount of products I finished this January! Check them out!

flower puff, bitsandtreats

This isn’t exactly an empty. This flower puff is part of the bath and body set that best friend M gave me for Christmas. I was looking for a cheap bath lily in my stash to bring to Cebu but found that I didn’t have any. MB suggested that I bring this instead. I didn’t like this puff at all. It’s too hard on my skin (because it’s like foam) and it doesn’t do a good job of making the shower gel bubble up so before leaving Cebu, I chucked it.

etude house mini anti germ lotion, benefit girl meets pearl, bitsandtreats

Etude House Mini Anti-Germ Hand Lotion and Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. I love hand lotions and it took me some time to finish this one. Now that I finished the tube, I think it’s a bit expensive. I won’t repurchase. As for Girl Meets Pearl, I have a full sized tube in my stash and all I can say is I love this face primer.

bench dreamy berry burst shower gel, bitsandtreats

Bench Dreamy Berry Burst Shower Gel. This is part of my Bench haul last December. This also smelled nice.

watsons sakura bella mini body scrub, bitsandtreats

Watsons Sakura Bella Mini Body Scrub. I have a travel set of this Sakura Bella line and brought it to Cebu and finished it there. One tube is good for one use.

watsons sakura bella mini shower gel, bitsandtreats

Sakura Bella Shower Gel. This smelled lovely. I also finished this in Cebu. I was able to use it about 4-6 times. I still have the lotion as part of the set. I will bring that the next time I travel.

eskinol and bench merry mango medley shower gel, bitsandtreats

Eskinol and Bench Merry Mango Medley Shower Gel. I think we go through 2 bottles of body wash per month. I didn’t like this very much as I am still partial to the smell of Philippine mangoes. They’re the best! I don’t like the smell of mangoes from abroad and that’s exactly what this gel smells like.

the body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash, bitsandtreats

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash. We went through this like crazy because it’s gel form. It’s definitely a good buy but now that I think of it, it’s not too economical because it will run out quickly. I shared this with MB so it ran out fast. I would still buy it though in the future.

urban decay big fatty mascara, bitsandtreats

I’m saying goodbye to my Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara. Its time is up.

human heart nature body butter, victoria's secret pure seduction shower gel, bitsandtreats

Human Heart Nature Body Butter and Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Shower Gel. I found the body butter in my vanity cabinet and decided to finish it. I like taking baths so I really go through a lot of shower gels in a month. I don’t let MB use girly scented shower gels so this is all my doing. This smells lovely as well.

the face shop green grape hand and body shiffon cream, bitsandtreats

Finally, The Face Shop Green Grape Hand and Body Shiffon Cream. If you’ve read my review, you’d know how much I adored this product!

Whew! That’s a lot of products and they definitely made a dent on my collection. With the way things are going, I’m not sure if I can top this in February. I opened a lot of products and it will probably take me a long time to even finish one.

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