Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sustainable Living

You all know I have several of these:

watsons mini flat thread dental floss, bitsandtreats
One pack of 3 for only Php84

I go through about 2 cases of these a week so I end up with a lot of cases. I thought it would be too wasteful to just throw them away. I put some in our recycle bin to be sold along with our other plastic junk. I was cleaning the mess on top of my drawers one day and found too many loose mini hair clamps so I put them in a case then one thing let to another:

assorted kits, bitsandtreats

I put the small hair clamps in one case, the bigger ones in another case. We have a lot of loose batteries around the room so now they have a home. I also wanted to bring along some Hello Kitty candy (featured in 240baon) in my bag but I hated the idea of them getting scattered around my bag so this is a great solution. I am almost done with another case and I will put all my Goody hair stuff in it.

I used to buy the mini cases from Beabi because they’re very useful when I travel but they cost Php70 each:

beabi plastic case, bitsandtreats

It’s bigger by a few centimeters than the Watsons floss kits. Now that I have these kits, I will no longer buy from Beabi because I get these kits for free now! (Well, not really free but you get the idea).

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