Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Shopping

My tailbone was hurting so bad one Saturday night that I got up late the following morning and missed church. MB and I decided to just have brunch in the mall and do a little bit of shopping. Don’t worry, my ban is still enforced and all I bought were necessities.

lipstick organizer, bitsandtreats

We went to SM to buy a few things. I was having problems with my lipstick organizer as it was too heavy and bulky. I will blog more on that on another post. I saw these organizers at SM and got 2.

cable clips, ivory, soap dish, bitsandtreats

MB had to buy a few things at True Value. He got what he needed and also got me these. I’ve been looking for sturdy cable clips forever for all our gadgets and stuff. These are perfect. I will buy one more set. I’ve been organizing our room like crazy and little things such as cables annoy me.

I will use the Ivory soaps to clean my makeup brushes. More on that soon. The  soap dish is of course, for the Ivory.

boxer shorts, ellana brush cleaner, bitsandtreats

Finally, MB got me a pair of shorts. This is what I wear at home. I also got a bottle of Ellana Brush Cleaner as I’m running low on that. Oh, I also got a few things from Watsons which I didn't photograph anymore.

MB wanted to buy me a few more things at La Senza but we were parked too far away from the boutique so maybe next time.

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