Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Shopping

Ahhh, Sunday! I love Sundays because I get to spend time with my family, go to church, have lunch and do a little bit of shopping. I’m supposed to be on a shopping ban but that failed one Saturday. I was buying a few things for the family in Singapore and well, one thing lead to another. At least I’m still keeping my makeup shopping ban. If I can finish even just one palette, I’d be so thrilled. Anyway, I bought mostly necessities except for the bags from SM.

I got some toiletries from Watsons (wet tissues, cotton pads, Lulur Body Scrub) and some essentials from Bench. If you like using cotton pads, I suggest you get the Watsons brand on promo. They have a 3 in 1 pack with each pack having 40% more free. It’s really sulit, I tell you. I probably wouldn’t have to buy cotton pads for the next 8 months (or even a year!) but I’m stocking up on them as they rarely have promos on cotton pads.  You see, I don’t like buying these things on a regular basis. I hate running out of cotton pads or buds or facial tissues and stuff in the middle of the week that is why I have a stockpile.

Here are the other things I bought:

clinique haul, bitsandtreats

I thought our toner will be able to last until next week or so but I don’t think it will so I went ahead and got one plus a few other things.

yellow parisian bag, bitsandtreats

I also got some cheap bags from SM. These are Php400 each. These are great for when I'm running errands.

coral parisian bag, bitsandtreats

I just love the yellow and coral shades. These pictures don’t do them justice. They are perfect for summer. I don’t have high hopes for these bags. They will probably last me a couple of months but I don’t care. I needed to satisfy my shopping urge. You see, I’ve made peace with myself that I am a shopaholic. I just can’t stop. I can do it in moderation but to stop it entirely for several months, I get withdrawal symptoms. It’s like dieting and binge eating. When you deprive someone who really likes food for a long time, one day he just snaps and overeats. That’s the same with me. It’s better for me to buy small things, a few things once or twice a week than not buy anything for 2 months then splurge like crazy because I felt so deprived. That’s how I cope with my shopping addiction. It’s also not helpful that my mom and grandma are both shopaholics.

Anyway, I’m really happy with my purchases this week. I have my eyes set on two more cheap Parisian bags. If they’re still there next month then I will probably buy them. My heart is also set on some Charles and Keith and Beauty Bar stuff plus a few more things from different stores. It’s amazing that I am able to hold out this long. = )

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