Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sweet Serendipity

bench sweet serendipity shower gel, bitsandtreats

This was a part of my Bench haul last year. This bottle costs Php109, more expensive than my usual shower gels but it was Christmas and I was really enamored with all the different colored shower gels at Bench so I got one of each! 

This shower gel is not like the other Bench shower gels that I featured it. It doesn’t bubble up as well as the others. I have to use 5 pumps of this product to make a nice lather. I like to be covered in bubbles when I take a bath. = )  The other shower gels only took 2 pumps to bubble up.

I also couldn’t figure out the smell at first because I used too little product. It’s sweet smelling but it’s blah to me. Because I need to use a lot of it in one bath, it’s not very economical. This will only probably last me a week. I hope the lotion is better.

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