Friday, February 15, 2013

Benefit Eye Bright

benefit eye bright, bitsandtreats

This Eye Bright is a part of my Confessions of a Concealaholic kit. I know I said that I don’t like this and I have no use for it but I changed my mind.

One day, I was looking at this kit and was really excited to see that everything has hit pan except for this. Frustrated that I couldn’t find a use for it, I used it under my eyes. Oh, my… What a difference it made! It made my eyes pop! On the box, it said to use as a highlighter. You can use this is a corrector. My mistake was I put too much on my first use so you can really see that my under eye area was too bright. On my next try, I put a small amount but I still wasn’t satisfied. So on my third try, what I did was I applied a small amount, made sure to blend it thoroughly then applied concealer on top, blending everything with a brush. Now that did the trick! I’m telling you, I now use this every single time I go out.

I also brush some of my ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder to make it last. The trick is to blend everything thoroughly so that you don’t get lines and the products don’t cake after a long day.

I believe Eye Bright also comes in pencil form. I will not repurchase after I finish this product because I still have a lot more correctors in my stockpile plus my Bobbi Brown corrector is still better than this. This is a good, solid everyday product. Well, maybe in the future I will repurchase for everyday use. = )

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