Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bamboo and Green Tea

*This is a scheduled post. By press time, I’ve finished the bottle already.


I’ve been using this product for over a week now, almost 2 weeks in 3 days. It has its pros and cons. One thing that I absolutely love about it though, is the scent. It’s so refreshing! The scent is unisex, by the way.

This is of course from the Bench Organic line. I like how they fused these ingredients together to create a shower gel. The gel is a bright green, adapting the colors of its main ingredients. It takes a lot to make a good lather. I love using shower gels/body washes because I love the bubbles. I don’t feel clean when there is a scarcity of bubbles. 


And because of that, this bottle will probably just last me 2 weeks or a little over that. This costs 80 pesos, the same as my Dove Go Fresh Body Wash (which lasts up to a month) so it’s more practical and economical to go back to Dove. As much as I love the scent, I have to go back to Dove. I can’t go buying this every 2 weeks.


Another thing that I don’t like about it is it dries up my skin. It’s still cold nowadays and my skin looks like a snake’s skin. This body wash aggravates that so now I have to apply lotion more often.

The funny/ironic thing is, I have a lot of insect bites on my legs and they are really itchy. The green tea in the body wash soothes the insect bites. But then, it dries out the rest of my legs making those parts itchy. So, it cures one problem and creates another.

If you don’t have uber dry skin like I do, I suggest you give this a try. Or give this as a gift to the man in your life. I think he’ll appreciate it.


  1. that's true. i find my organic products not moisturizing enough :/

  2. whoa! I'm thinking if I tried other organic soaps in the past. hmmm... I didn't know that most organic products have that effect. I heard one beauty expert say that organic products are less effective. For example, comparing branded moisturizers/anti aging products with an organic moisturizer. The expert said that the reason why these branded moisturizers are expensive because they are manufactured to combat a specific problem and that's the reason why they are effective whereas an organic product relies solely on the performance of its main organic ingredient which is not as effective. If you're going to buy, might as well buy something that works.

    Thank you for your comment. From now on, I will be aware of the moisturizing effects of my organic products and see if they are really effective.



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