Sunday, January 22, 2012


Chinita is a local term for Chinese/Asian eyes. I have a Chinese heritage but I don’t look like it and by no means am I trying to have chinita eyes. It seemed like a good title because my EOTD looks something like this:



A few posts back, Belle requested that I make a pink and orange EOTD. I told her that I actually did a few days back. I didn’t post this right away because I wanted to make another version but ended up making 2 more.

The first one, as you can see, is an exaggerated cat eye. Also,it’s just pink and orange with white highlights on the inner corners of my eyes.

This second EOTD, I did at home, while I was sick. =P


My skin is very dry and I did this when I woke up so excuse the blotchiness.  I didn’t apply anything on the rest of my face. I just did my eyes.

This version has more whites. I wanted to make an orange/pink/white combo but I was having a hard time blending because of my flaky skin. Anyway, you get the point. This is also more “wearable” than the first EOTD because the liner is more “modest”. The first EOTD attracted a lot of stares.


I also painted my lower lash line with the same colors on my lids.



I’m  using the Heroine Make Mascara set in this EOTD which I reviewed a few posts back.

On this third version, I wanted a thick cat eye look and I wanted the orange to mimic the wing. It was very hard to make the orange look pointy. I think I need a wet brush to do that as the pigmentation of my I Dream of St. Lucia palette is not that great. It’s actually a bit chalky. Anyway, I dreamed about this look  so I got up and started applying makeup even though my eyes were already hurting from the second EOTD that I did early in the morning.





This would absolutely look great with falsies. I didn’t even bother because I will end up with red eyes for several days if I did that.

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