Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Gift

I love receiving gifts! Most especially if they are fashion or beauty related so I was really thrilled when I got a bagful of clothes as a Christmas present from my best friend Ahne and her hubby Kuya R.

One of the clothes I got was this nice comfy top:


I wasn’t in the mood to play dress up that day but this top made it seem like I took some effort to do so. Here are my accessories:

Necklace from an old bazaar friend

Anchor connector ring from Hyphen Curiosities

And my Puma bag that was so heavy. I had my planner that day that’s why the handles look like they’re going to tear.

Of course I had to take a photo at my favorite spot

Thanks again Ahne and Kuya R!


  1. hi Lady E! as a paper product fiend, I must ask: what planner are you using?

  2. Hi salmoncat! I don't normally buy planners as I can't seem to sustain their usage throughout the year but right now, I'm using the Starbucks planner that MB gave me. He gets a kick out of completing the card. He's more interested in the stickers than the prize itself so I end up with the planners. And like I said in your blog, I have the Parisian datebook. I think those 2 would suffice.



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