Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wannabe Nails


This is from Etude House’s Wannabe Collection.


After months and months without shopping, I was finally able to splurge a little at Etude House. One of the things that I bought was this Wannabe Style Nails set. The Wannabe Collection is a collaboration with illustrator Annika Wester. It’s a shame I forgot to check the box before buying  and when I got home, I saw that this box was torn.

This set is quite expensive at Php328 but I guess that’s because it’s a collaboration. The quality of the nail polish is no different from the 48-peso ones. Aside from the illustration on the box, I also like the nail stickers that comes with the set:


Annika says that these are perfumed polishes. They’re not. 

The stickers last a long time. I applied a top coat over them to protect them even more.

My cousin C is quite excited to use this set. We will experiment more and we’ll post the photos here.  It’s so much fun being a girl!


  1. that's nice to know that the stickers last a long time :) excited to see more photos :D



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