Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun Finds at Saizen

I am addicted to Saizen. Whenever I go to Market! Market!, I have to visit this store. Yesterday was no exception. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. I was just looking around until I saw a pink polka dot rug that I couldn’t resist. And then I found stuff for the kitties. So I surrendered and asked cousin C to get a basket and I ended up buying:


-the pink rug
-tape measures (2 in 1 pack) because I couldn’t find mine
- camera tripod that I tested last night and gets two thumbs up
-falsies that I will use in an upcoming ambitious EOTD

Not in the photo are:
- food bowls for the cats
- huge cotton buds also for the cats (I think they are overpriced at 85 pesos but they’re worth a try because my cats are a pain when I try to groom them)
- pink and green peeler (I bought one a few years ago at the flagship store in Robinson’s Galleria and to this day, that peeler still works. The blades are still sharp but I need to replace them as they’re starting to rust)
- 12 pack multicolored sponges (They are a bit pricey compared to the regular ones I buy but I like the fact that they’re not as durable and that tells me I need to change sponges soon. I tend to forget to change sponges when they are too durable.)
-  a pink mesh bag for cousin C

I hope to discover more things at Saizen when I go back!

*Scheduled post


  1. was at saizen recently as well. trinoma that is. they have marked down items (some P50 and P25) like nail polishes, lipstick, mini fan, snack food, liquid soaps, facial cleansers, the rest escapes me. I got a P25 basket and dish sponges (reg price). they're using brown paper bags for holding purchases now, which I find cool.

  2. Lucky you! Trinoma is in a land far, far away from me. Baka ung ibang branch din sumunod!

  3. I was looking for a camera tripod like that! My friend has one kasi and it was a gift so she doesnt know where it was bought.. Cool!

  4. dapat pinicturan mo lahat

    lady e just checking out a store? IMPOSSIBLE! hehe~

  5. My mom went crazy and hoarded the 1st time she went to Saizen. She particularly loves the 1 liter dishwashing liquid soap for just P85. :D Mabula siya, ang galing because something that big can be so cheap.

  6. I try Kitten, I try... Ung mga babies kasi excited pag may pasalubong sa kanila.

  7. I think I'll try the dish ashing liquid next time Helen. I don't buy them because I'm afraid that they're not effective. Thanks for the tip!



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