Monday, January 9, 2012


While we’re in the topic of foundations, here’s another foundation that works nicely on my acidic skin:

MAC Lightful Ultracharge Foundation SPF 25/PA+++

I got these at Duty Free way back in March 2011. The compact costs USD13 while the foundation itself costs USD45. Although I’ve had it for so long, there’s still some product left that I think will last me for another month. Another thing that I like about this  compact is the sponge has a separate compartment from the foundation. I think that’s the way it is for high end foundations. Hygiene is a top priority.

My Paul & Joe foundation is still the best but for some days, I prefer using this MAC foundation. I still get dark with this foundation but not as fast as the others and not as dark. I usually use this to set my makeup before I leave the house. I use either a sponge or a big brush to apply this.

The MUA at the MAC counter recommended the Lightful line after hearing that I have terrible acidic skin. I asked if this was a regular product so that I can buy a refill once I use up all the foundation. Good thing this is.

The P&J foundation coverage is better although MAC feels lighter on my face and the shade (NC40) is close to my skin tone so definitely, this oxidizes faster than my P&J foundie. The P&J foundation is way whiter for my skin but I use it because it takes hours and hours for my skin to darken.

This is more expensive than P&J so I’m still thinking if I’m going to repurchase. But I really love how it feels on my skin. P&J feels a bit heavy. Oh, well… We will see.


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    1. Hi Jacqueline! I'm afraid I've already used it up. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I would love to have that compact! I have the refill I was able to get a family frien in Cambodia to send but they only sell the new holographic refillable compact, I prefer the other ones like the one you have.

  3. I so would buy the empty compact from you! A family friend was able to send me the refill powder from cambodia and I wanted to get the compact but didn't like the new holographic one they sell. I like that one and the white/silver one they had

  4. Hi Aurora! So sorry but the compact broke and I threw it away a couple of years ago. Thanks for visiting!



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