Friday, January 20, 2012

Yes, Pigs Can Fly!

We interrupt the regular beauty posts to give way to a special request. Salmoncat asked me how my cats were and requested that I make a post about them. So, I give you this.

This is Sapphire, my pig. I mean, cat:



Sappy (as I fondly call him) is the new Alpha. His older brother, Dylan (my smartest and most favorite cat) died a few days before Christmas. Now he’s the eldest among our cats.  Sapphire is my second biggest cat. My biggest cat was Chintzy. Actually, he was my mom’s cat. Chintzy was huge.  And he was long.  He had a long tail, long body and long arms and legs. I’ll look for a photo of Chintzy and write about him.

My sister claims that she owns Sapphire but I’m still the one that Sapphire obeys. Sure, he likes it when my sister feeds him but on days when we need to get him to the vet, he relaxes more when I’m around.


He’s actually not feeling very well when I took these photos as there’s a problem with his gums. We will be taking him to UP one of these days to have it fixed.

I said pig because Sappy is a big cat. He weighs 15 pounds and I had to lug him from the house to the vet while walking. I didn’t want to ride a tricycle because I wanted to have a “leisurely” walk with him. I wanted him to feel safe. I wanted him to see the vehicles and people up close. I wanted him to know that I was there to protect him and that nothing can harm him.

On his first time to the vet, he bit the doctor and her assistant. The assistant exclaimed, “lumilipad po pala ung pusa nyo”. Your cat can fly. He kept jumping around the clinic. I imagined it to be the scene when I bathe him. He keeps jumping around the bathroom. My sister was the only one who brought him there so they were not able to control him.

On our second trip, he was very behaved. When the doctor lifted the carrier cover, Sapphire was calm and relaxed. She was able to open his mouth with her bare hands without any resistance from Sap. Dra. Des was quite surprised that Sapphire was behaving so good that day. She was able to administer all the treatments in a few minutes. I had to go back to the house because my sister forgot to bring one of the meds. I talked to Sapphire and told him that I was going to be back and that he should behave. When I got back, he was just sitting in the carrier with the doctor and my sister petting him. He was a very good boy! So good that the doctor didn’t let us pay. She said that the day’s treatment was free because Sappy was such a good boy. After the treatment, Dra. Des said good bye and asked Sappy if he was going to sleep again. He put his (heavy) head on her hand and made lambing to the doctor. Pogi Points! I think all my male cats are like Don Juan when they see a pretty lady, especially Dylan.

Sapphire is feeling a bit better now. He’s eating more because his gums feel better. Yesterday he went back to the doctor to get his shots. I couldn’t go because I was sick so I just talked to him. My sister brought the carrier to my room because Sapphire was all grumpy and restless. She asked me to talk to him.  I told her to give Sapphire a hot sponge bath first to calm his nerves. I ended up giving him the sponge bath and putting him inside the carrier. According to my sister, he was behaved the whole time.

Here’s a photo of Sapphire and Ponchi getting ready to fight:


They’re brats. They can be a pain sometimes, especially Ponchi but I was able to stop the fight.

So how do you like my pet pig, I mean cat?

*This is a scheduled post


  1. awww this kitty reminds me of my own at home! He is also a brat sometimes and he annoys me all the time but when I need someone to cuddle in bed he is always ready :)

  2. But we still love them, don't we? = )

  3. Ahahaha, sige ang mukha!

    cute bebe ket~

  4. all in the name of kitty love - carrying a 15lb cat all the way to the vet! sappy's quite heavy ha. it's great na he's okay na. thanks for making this post and hope you're okay too.

    used to have a large, white, male cat like your sappy. gave him a girly name though, thought he was female (hehe). he liked it naman.

    is it a coincidence that the post title's flying pigs and sappy has an angry birds mat?

  5. Hi salmoncat! Yes, we're okay. Thank you for asking! We brought him to UP Vet-Med last Sunday. Turns out, he has a kidney problem. But he'll be fine as long as he takes his meds. He's very uncooperative as the meds are bitter daw according to his vet here.

    Hay naku, pinag selosan pa ang angry birds mat! I gave Sapphire a bath kasi yesterday. Eh Sappy is such a vain cat. Kahit super antok na, hindi siya talaga humiga dun sa mat nya because it's not new eh bagong ligo di ba? so I asked my sister to get a new mat. Tapos nakatulog na si Sap. Eh my sister's other cat, Niko, nagselos! He wanted a new mat too. So my sister got one that's bagong laba, not brand new like Sappy's mat. He wouldn't sleep on it because he wants the angry birds mat! Nakakaloka ang mga pusa namin!

  6. hehe. your cats are hilarious. they know that you guys can't resist their cuteness (ala puss in boots).

    get well sappy!



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