Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee & Honey

On with the Bench Organics discovery.


By the time this post goes live, I would have finished this bar already. I got this for 65 pesos at Bench G5. I am a sucker for honey products and it says firming and moisturizing on the label so I immediately got this.

It smells a combination of both. It smells bitter. I love the fact that it lathers up nicely. It bubbles up fast. It “melts” onto my skin. I like soaps that don’t last a loooong time. I’m not tipid with soaps.

One major problem with this soap is it doesn’t deliver on the moisturizing part. My skin feels so dry after my bath. Even MB’s skin dries up. You can actually feel a rough film over my arm when you run your hand against it. I touched MB’s arm and it also had that same feel. It feels like soap that wasn’t rinsed and just dried up. So I immediately apply lotion afterwards. I noticed last night that you can see flakes, as in dried skin cells all over my arm. I don’t know if that ‘s good (as in exfoliation) or bad (dryness).

For the firming part, I don’t think I’ve used this long enough to experience that effect. Obviously, I won’t be buying this again.


If you have normal skin and you decide to try this product, do tell me about it okay?

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