Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Sea of Blues and Coral

If you’ve been reading my food blog, you’d know that I was rushed to the hospital on my birthday eve. I’ve been on strict bed rest since then. My husband and mom have been so sweet in attending to my needs. It’s crazy that I can’t even go up and down our house and everything is brought to me. My husband goes crazy when I try to get out of bed.

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now but I still need a lot of rest. One Sunday, they needed to do the groceries and couldn’t leave me home alone so they took me with them but there was a catch. I would have to sit at the food court and wait for them then we will go home immediately. That was alright with me. At least I was able to get some fresh air.

I was feeling a bit matchy-matchy so I came up with this outfit combination:

a sea of blues and coral, bitsandtreats

I wore shorts and that sleeveless chiffon top from Hyphen and paired it with the blue loafers I got in Cebu. For the accessories, I wore these blue spiked cuff and the black stud cuff (both also from Hyphen). Then I brought my coral Parisian bag which MB insisted on carrying.

I hope to be stronger in the coming days. I’ve been itching to go shopping even just for necessities. I’m still on a shopping ban and this “bed arrest” is helping me with that. How’s March treating you?

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