Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Makeup Collection 2013

I just finished organizing my makeup collection and thought I’d share them with you. Beauty bloggers just love seeing other bloggers’ collections so if you are new to blogging or you are new to my blog, don’t be shocked. It’s a normal thing that we do. = )

Let’s start with a shot of my vanity. It’s still the old vanity from a few years ago. My husband wants to buy me a new one to accommodate all my cosmetics but I told him I’m going to make it work. He also does not like the fact that it’s too bulky. We have a lot of stuff in our room and my vanity is starting to bug him although he also uses it to store his hair products, perfumes, etc. = )

my vanity, bitsandtreats

On the left are my big palettes (Duwop Isla Sirena, UD Book of Shadows IV, UDNY, UD 15th Anniversary, a set of UD pencil shadows, Too Faced Fairy). The container at the bottom is from Muji and houses all my eye stuff – mascara (I only keep one open at a time as multiple opened mascaras gross me out), eye liners, NYX jumbo pencils, primers, etc.

big palettes, bitsandtreats

At the center are my lip products. I know I said I will buy more of these acrylic lipstick organizers but I changed my mind.  I think they’re enough. I put the other lippies at the bottom container while the lip glosses are in this yellow ceramic cup from my grandma. It used to hold a plant that died on me. Inside the Anna Sui jar are my sponges and that’s my Lily Cole for TBS highlighting pearls.

lip products, bitsandtreats

To the right are my smaller palettes – Naked 1 and 2, MAC, VS concealer palette, Stila, Bobbi Brown. Those two at the bottom are my Etude House nail polish sets which I used last February and that’s the EOS I’m currently trying to finish.

small palettes and face products, bitsandtreats

Above the smaller palettes are my face products – Etude House BB Cream, NARS primer, Bobbi Brown BB Cream, Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, MAC Fix, Benefit That Gal and Stila 3-in-1 primer.

Above that are my other smaller palettes – Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic, Too Faced Natural Eye and Romantic Eye, Sephora Floral Funk, Stila Smokey Eye and Bobbi Brown Peonies and Python. Beside those are my brushes. I have more brushes but these are what I use everyday. I keep the others in my Bobbi Brown brush kit.

makeup brushes, small palettes, bitsandtreats

To the left of the brushes is this Muji drawer.

makeup drawers and acrylic tray, bitsandtreats

muji small drawers, bitsandtreats

Drawer one from the top houses all my eye products – Laura Mercier eyebrow kit, sharpeners, Bobbi Brown Corrector, ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder, Concealers, gel liners, etc.

first drawer with eye stuff, bitsandtreats

Drawer 2 houses all my blushes. This is everything I have! I want to buy more but I’m on a makeup shopping ban. I would like to fill up my MAC blush palette but I’ll do that when I go abroad. I rarely buy MAC here because all the pieces I like are usually sold out by the time I get to the store plus it’s much cheaper abroad. Anyway, that’s a good thing as I’ll be able to finish at least one before I leave. *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, here’s a rundown – Benefit boxed blushes, Benefit Cha Cha Tint, NARS Angelika, Wonder Woman for MAC, NARS Super Orgasm, Estee Lauder, Revlon, NARS Orgasm, Stila Convertible and MAC Quite Cute.

blush drawer, bitsandtreats

The bottom drawer houses my bronzers and highlighters. I also don’t have a lot of these as I’m pretty happy with the shades that I have plus they take forever to finish!

Palgantong, Laura Mercier Loose Powder, Laneige Sun Powder, MAC foundation, Bobbi Brown bronzer, MAC highlighter, Too Faced Leopard Love and my Shu curler.

foundations and bronzers drawer, bitsandtreats

The acrylic tray on top of the drawer has more palettes – UD Feminine, Roller Girl, MAC Wonder Woman, some Wet n Wild palettes, Clinique, NARS, Etude House Princess Etoinette lipstick, Maybelline Tatoo Cream eyeshadows and the NARS stuff that I depotted.

acrylic tray with makeup, bitsandtreats

Moving on to a different part of my room. This is another Muji drawer. The left side has all my falsies, spare brushes from palettes, sponges from Bobbi Brown and my travel palettes – Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Sephora. In the right drawer are just empty packaging that I couldn’t bear to get rid of.

eye lashes and travel palettes drawer, bitsandtreats

At the bottom of this small drawer is another 4-tier drawer from SM which looks a lot like my Muji drawers. The first drawer has random toiletries. The second drawer has more Wet n Wild palettes, Stila palettes and makeup backups. Under the ELF brush are my EOS lip balms and other lip stuff. This drawer also contains my travel makeup.

makeup stocks drawer, bitsandtreats

The 3rd drawer still houses my perfumes, moisturizers and travel stuff.

perfume and travel cosmetics drawer, bitsandtreats

The 4th drawer has samples and some random stuff. I have another Muji drawer at the bottom which is my gift drawer.

My traincase houses all my drugstore makeup which I mostly use for budget-conscious clients. They are mostly Maybelline, Revlon, Etude House, ELF, Fanny Serrano, etc.

So that’s it! I think my collection is smaller now compared to last year with the exception of the palettes as I received some as gifts from a benefactor in the US. Do I think I have enough makeup? Yes, definitely. Do I think I have a large collection? No, definitely not compared to other bloggers in the States. Will I buy more makeup in the future? Yes, after my makeup shopping ban. That’s just who I am. I love makeup and I love looking at my vanity filled with beautiful things. I think one will never understand this kind of thinking unless she’s a beauty blogger herself. I hope you enjoyed my collection!


  1. Me love your collection! And the photos!

  2. Thanks for sharing your makeup collection!:) Glad to know they're all loved ;) Only makeup bloggers understand the loving look we have when we see makeup! I love at (and using) my makeup ;)

    1. Well, some people collect stamps and such. We collect makeup! = ) Thanks for dropping by!



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