Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Serendipity

This was a part of my Christmas haul at Bench:

bench sweet serendipity, bitsandtreats

I would say that this body lotion is perfect for school girls or anyone who is on a budget. One tube only costs Php75.

I like the fact that it’s sealed:

sweet serendipity, bitsandtreats

It’s a very thick lotion. It takes some time for my skin to absorb it. I wouldn’t recommend this during summer though as my skin gets sticky when I sweat. It’s heavy and I can really feel that I have lotion on. It’s good for dry skin. I have very dry skin and I’ve seen a bit of improvement.

If I didn’t use this as a body lotion, I would put this in my purse and use it as a hand lotion. Well, now that it’s hot I think I might do just that with what’s left in the tube. I think being in a cooler environment will make me comfortable with this lotion.

I won’t re-purchase as I will wait for December again before I haul toiletries from Bench.

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