Sunday, March 24, 2013

Icy Green

I play with my makeup to keep myself from getting bored at home. Here’s a look I came up with using my Isla Sirena palette from Duwop.










Tools and how to:
For the base, I applied UDPP topped with Benefit Lemonaid. Then I applied Maybelline Color Tatoo in white. I applied MAC White Frost over the Color Tatoo so that I can blend the other colors into it.

For the greens, I used my Isla Sirena palette. I applied the lighter green from the center up to the outer corner of my eye. Then I took my slanted eye shadow brush and applied the darker green from the outer corner inwards. For the brow highlight, I just applied a nude matte eye shadow from my DIY MAC palette. I also used the green eyeliner from the Isla Sirena palette for my lower waterline.

For the liner, I still used my Kiss Me Liquid Liner and my TBS Big and Curvy Mascara for my lashes.

Will I wear this look during the day? Sure, why not? I’ll just keep the rest of my face plain and neutral. Just some foundation or BB cream for the rest of the face and concealer, of course then a nude lipstick. I will probably skip the blush depending on the overall look. But if I really need some color, I will probably use my Benefit Dandelion.

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