Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil

the body shop satsuma beautifying oil, bitsandtreats

I bought this in December of last year. It’s only recently that I was able to use it though. My doctor noticed my very dry skin and advised me to use Dove Unscented Soap but I couldn’t find that so I settled with the original Dove Beauty Bar. She also told me to use TBS Olive Oil. I still have this Satsuma Oil so I decided to use it first.

I can’t believe I didn’t use this right away! I was planning to use this on my hair when my Etude House hair oil runs out. Now, I use this this Satsuma oil on my hair and skin. It smells wonderful! I love citrus smells and this is made with clementines. The light citrus smell lingers on my skin.

This is easily absorbed by my skin. The best time to apply this is after you take a bath or at night before you sleep to get the ultimate moisturizing effect. My skin is slowly improving because of the combination of products my doctor recommended. Oh, you can also use this oil on your face!

The Satsuma Oil costs Php795 and I will definitely buy more when I finish this. I will try the other variants too starting with the olive oil.

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  1. ilike the strawberry =) it leaves amazing scents to my hair =)



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