Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My EOS Lip Balms

assorted eos lipbalms, bitsandtreats

I’m a huge fan of lip balms so of course, I had to had these when they became popular. I was excited about the packaging but that’s it. We carried these at Hyphen and I was so disappointed. There was no quality control whatsoever for these lip balms. Here is my Sweet Mint:

eos sweet mint, bitsandtreats

A lot of my customers complained about this so I had to exchange several pieces. One woman even went back twice because at both times she got damaged products. We opened the lip balms right away to make sure that she gets a perfect one. We had several unlucky attempts but we got one that was alright. So after my last stock was sold, I never re-ordered.

I am currently using this mint lip balm. My lips are so chapped and the mint really hurts. It just does not give a tingling sensation, it really stings! Like I put calamansi (calamondin) on my chapped lips. After several hours, my lips improved and now it doesn’t hurt.

eos lemon, bitsandtreats

This is the lemon variant. As you can see, the packaging becomes very dirty. It’s hard to clean as the dirt really sticks to the egg. I just finished this egg/sphere. Aside from the quality issues, this lip balm quickly melts. We already store these in an air conditioned room but the product still melts and detaches to base thus sticking to the cap. I had several complaints about those also. This lemon variant was no exception. I’m glad I finished this!

I use EOS several times a day and sometimes before I sleep. My lips improve for a while then they become dry again after I eat or drink so I have to constantly re-apply. If you love EOS, lucky you! This didn’t work out for me. I have two more spheres and I can’t wait to finish them so that I can try out other lip balms!


  1. hi are these EOS Lipbalms availaible yet in Major Department stores in the Philippines?

    1. Hi retty! No, they're not available in major dept stores yet.



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