Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Stradivarius Picks

Here’s the continuation of my Stradivarius picks:

stradivarius accessories, bitsandtreats

1. Ethnic embroidered belt, Php795 – I’m petite so slim belts are a thumbs up for me
2. Neck Scarf with crochet border, Php795 – I’ve been meaning to add to my collection of scarves
3. Floral print neck scarf, Php795 – another perfect scarf for me
4. Sailor stripe elasticated belt, Php495 – sailor stripes are just my thing; this comes in blue too and I like that as well

stradivarius accessories2, bitsandtreats

1. Coloured stone necklace, Php895 – love statement necklaces
2. Stonework embellished clutch, Php2990 – love the detail
3. Jewelled leather messenger bag, Php3790 – this will go well with a lot of my outfits
4. Chain body necklace, Php1290 – really looks interesting; I wonder if it’s not annoying to wear
5. Handbag with detail, Php2790 – love the detail here too

The new collection is full of ethnic prints, colors and designs. I’m not a huge fan of ethnic prints but I was still able to see a few pieces that I like. I’m not yet convinced with the price points as I have yet to see the fabric, material and workmanship and I can only determine that once I hold the products in my hands. I am really looking forward to visiting this store. How about you ladies, have you tried shopping at Stradivarius yet?

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