Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Pretend Forever 21 Shopping List

As you all know, I’m on bed arrest. I can only get down from my bed for a few times a day. I can only go down twice a day. I’m pretty much stuck in my room for the next 2 months or so. I miss going out, eating out, doing the groceries, visiting Watsons, going window shopping and just hanging out at the mall to get away from this heat. I miss Saturday afternoons spent with my husband in coffee shops or in a gelateria. You won’t believe how much time I spend over the Internet, playing Candy Crush and other Facebook games which I didn’t have any interest in before. I also look forward to opening my email every morning. I check every single one of them so now I have a very organized inbox. Nothing gets left unread. Seeing as I can’t go out and do some shopping, I’ve assembled my pretend Forever 21 shopping list. These are new arrivals from the brand and I would buy them if I could go out.

f21 shopping list 1, bitsandtreats

From left to right, top to bottom

1. I love maxi dresses!
2. Love the retro print on this dress. It looks comfy too.
3. I know it’s summer but I can’t resist this sweater.
4. I love the whole ensemble
5. Another chiffon blouse to add to my wardrobe
6. I have only recently re-discovered the comforts of wearing a basic shirt, thanks to Mango.

f21 shopping list 2, bitsandtreats

1. I love the flamingo print
2. Maxi skirt!
3. Scallop top. I like lace and sheer fabrics.
4. Another “not-for-summer” top
5. I think this is a beaded pullover
6. Tribal print skirt, just because I don’t have one in my wardrobe

f21 shopping list 3, bitsandtreats

1. I have been obsessing over pj’s lately and this would be perfect on cool summer nights
2. You all know I love cats!
3. Another top that looks comfy
4. A colorful belt brightens up a plain outfit
5. Love the combination of lace and leather
6. Love the rosebud print

f21 shopping list 4, bitsandtreats

1. Love the watercolor print
2. Still crazy about pouches and kits
3. I probably wouldn’t buy this as I’m throwing out my corkboard but this is actually a mustache pin
4. Love this braided belt. I’m crazy about braided belts

Let’s see if  The Secret will work on this one. I have a few more brands that I would like to make a pretend shopping list of. Until I have the strength to go out, these lists would have to do. The last time I went to F21 SM Makati, they were having a massive sale. Were you able to get some goodies?

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