Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Favorite Blushes

my favorite blushes, bitsandtreats

If you’ve seen my Makeup Collection 2013 post, you’d know that I only have a few blushes compared to palettes. I have no idea why I don’t buy blushes that often but I always go crazy about palettes. Anyway, here are my favorites in my collection.

estee lauder rose nuance, bitsandtreats
Estee Lauder Rose Nuance

This is my first high end blush. It’s not cheap but it’s a good investment. I’ve had this forever and it still looks new. This is a good blush that I use for special occasions. I also use this for my special clients. The monochromatic shade just looks gorgeous on cheeks.

mac mighty aphrodite, bitsandtreats
 MAC Mighty Aphrodite

I think this is the reason why I don’t buy a lot of blushes. This blush is huge and it will take forever to finish! This is a good everyday blush. I always swirl my brush around to get a good combination of shades. 

mag giggly, bitsandtreats
MAC Giggly

This is a cute blush that will give you a cute pop of pink on your cheeks.  I normally use this blush when I’m feeling creative with my makeup.

stila custom color blush, bitsandtreats
Stila Ph Blush

Finally, the Stila Custom Color Blush that changes shade depending on your skin’s Ph level. I love this blush. It’s perfect for everyday wear. I also bring this with me in my makeup kit. I normally leave the other blushes at home and just bring one of my Benefit boxed blushes for fear that they might get damaged. This Stila blush is more affordable compared to the EL blush. It really changes color once it touches your skin.

my favorite blushes2, bitsandtreats

The remaining blushes in my collection are the Benefit boxed blushes, NYX blushes, Bobbi Brown and NARS. You’d be surprised that NARS Orgasm is not on my favorites list. I just feel that these blushes are better suited to my look, skin tone and lifestyle.


  1. Ohhh lovely shades sis! I love pinks too!

    1. It seems I'm always drawn to pink shades even though I already have a lot of those! = )



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