Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Too Faced Products

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I’m trying to review/make an inventory of my makeup and I’m trying to figure out which ones I like and would likely repurchase and the ones that I won’t repurchase anymore. With Too Faced, here are my favorite products.

First of all, Shadow Insurance is my favorite eyeshadow primer. I have a backup of this plus the lemon variant which I still need to try.

pixie pin ups, bitsandtreats

I love the shades in the Pixie Pin-Ups palette and in January, I used this and the Romantic Eye palette almost daily.

pixie eyeshadows, bitsandtreats

This is the Romantic Eye palette. Some shades are for daily use while the others are for adding an extra oomph to your look.

romantic eye, bitsandtreats

Too Faced eyeshadows are not the same quality as Urban Decay shadows but they do a nice job. I like them for every day use. I won’t repurchase the palettes as it will take a long time for me to finish them plus I still have a ton more in my collection. I will repurchase Shadow Insurance though once my stock runs out.

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