Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Favorite After-Shower Products

I’ve been reading a lot of favorite posts so I thought I’d share some of my favorite after-shower products with you.

after shower prods, bitsandtreats

TBS Vitamin E Spritz – I don’t like to apply heavy moisturizers when I’m at home. Just a few spritz of this all over my face and neck will do.

TBS Satsuma Beauty Oil – Love the moisturizing feel and it easily gets absorbed by my skin. The smell is wonderful too.

Blushing Nectarine Body Lotion – My favorite lotion at the moment. Light and rich at the same time.

Watsons Stretchmark Minimizer – Apply religiously everyday for best results.

Clinique Toner – A forever staple in my vanity.

after shower prods2, bitsandtreats

Watsons Sakura Bella Lotion – I use this on my feet just because. = )

EOS Tangerine – I actually use this throughout the day. Will post a review soon. 

There you have it! I will probably post another set of favorites once some of the products run out.

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