Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Shopping

Saizen Daiso is having a Hello Kitty festival so I asked MB if we could visit the Market! Market! branch to check out what’s on offer last Saturday. There were tote bags, eye masks, contacts cases, eyelash cases, combs, face towels, etc. I got these:

hello kitty rat tail comb and nail files, bitsandtreats

I needed a rat tail comb and this was the last black one. The other one is white. I also got these nail files. There are two designs. I initially wanted to buy the tote but I put it back because I already have tons of shopping totes plus the size of that will just not suffice. If I bring a shopping tote with me, that means I’ll be buying a lot so I need a big bag. I also wanted to buy the set of 3 cups but they were too small and I’m a big water drinker.

I also got this water bottle:

purple water bottle, bitsandtreats

I liked the green one but my husband said that he liked this better. It’s very rare that my husband offers his opinion so I got this lavender one instead. The family from Singapore sent us a bunch of stuff and one of them is an insulated bag. I put an iced water bottle in it before going to the hospital and it was so effective that the water stayed cold the whole day for 12 hours. My KOR does not fit the insulated bag and I don’t want to risk damaging my KOR by freezing it so I bought a cheap water bottle instead. I put this in the freezer last night. I hope it survived. From now on, I’ll be bringing this plus the insulated bag to all my trips. In this heat, I need cold water all the time.

I also went to Etude House but surprisingly I went out unscathed. I was already calculating a budget in my head before going there and I kept telling myself not to go beyond that budget. I didn’t find anything I like and so I went out without purchasing anything. My husband said, “Congratulations” once we were out the door. My husband is not so controlling with my shopping habits but sometimes I can see that he gets annoyed when I buy too much stuff and he doesn’t understand where or how I’m going to use them. Sometimes he’s an enabler though. Last Saturday, he was just happy to see me happy and perky as I’ve been stuck in the house forever.

We went to Greenbelt to kill more time as my mom texted that the electricity went out. We ate a very late lunch and window shopped. We went to Japan Home Center to see if the bedroom slippers were already available. They weren’t so I bought more snacks:

japanese mixed nuts, bitsandtreats

chinese coin-shaped cookies, bitsandtreats

You’re already familiar with the mixed nuts on the first photo. The second one are coin shaped biscuits. I wanted the chocolate flavor but the first two bags didn’t feel right so I got the third bag not realizing that this was plain (probably milk) flavored. It tastes delicious though but I bet the chocolate one tastes better.

I was really glad to get away from the house and the heat for a while. Yesterday we did the groceries and I wanted to buy a few stuff again but they were out of stock. I was able to buy one item on my list though and that’s The Face Shop nail polish remover. How was your weekend spent?


  1. Gahh! I miss shopping!
    I haven't had a haul since last year! I'm currently trying to finish up a lot of products, plus I'm also
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Wow, since last year?? I don't think I can last that long! I am struggling with the makeup department though. There are so many new products I want to try but I also have too much in my stash already and I've been promising myself to finish most of them first before buying. Let's both hang in there!



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