Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care

dove hair therapy nourishing oil care, bitsandtreats

I’ve tried this product before and I didn’t like it. I was looking for the biggest Dove conditioner in the supermarket and I saw this one and the repair one but I didn’t want to use the repair one anymore as I think my hair has already healed so I grabbed this without even reading it.

The first time I used this, it was too hard to rinse off. Now it’s a bit better. But the product still feels heavy on my hair probably because it’s a treatment/hair spa thing. I don’t have any conditioners in my stash so I use this daily and that probably adds to the weight.  I just use a small amount so it won’t feel too heavy when my hair dries.

My hair looks great though even after I remove my hair clamp. I just run my fingers through my hair and it’s fixed. I’m really not sure if I would repurchase. I’ll decide when I’m about to run out.

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