Monday, April 22, 2013

My NARS Dilemma

NARS makeup are so pretty!

nars, bitsandtreats

But their packaging sucks big time:

nars makeup, bitsandtreats

They get dirty fast and the dirt really sticks to the packaging. Even if I wipe them from time to time, they still get so dirty. It’s a shame, they really don’t look nice in my vanity.

I have been reducing my makeup collection for the past few months now and I’m trying to figure out which brands I’m keeping and will still be buying. NARS is a big question mark for me. I love their products plus one of my makeup artistry mentors is from NARS so it’s really hard for me to let go of this brand. But, if I really think hard about the money I’ve invested in these products and end up with packaging like this, I get really disappointed. I have depotted 2 NARS products because the packaging was already hopeless. They were very sticky and I couldn’t do anything about it anymore. I need to depot one more concealer combo for the same reason. I had to throw away one depotted cream blush because some insects decided to make a home in it. So that’s money wasted already.

What about you ladies? What’s your view about NARS packaging? I’m sure a lot of you share my sentiments.

Right now, I’ve decided not to purchase any more from this brand until I finish all my NARS products. When the time comes when I only have one NARS makeup in my collection, then I will decide if I will buy more. I have more NARS makeup in my collection aside from the ones above so that will take some time. There are so many brands out there that I’m interested to try and I think this is a good decision.

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