Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Travel Makeup Part 2

Continuing my series of posts about my travel makeup, here’s a glimpse of my palettes:

bobbi brown, bitsandtreats

I haven’t used these Bobbi Brown palettes yet. As you can see, they are very versatile. They can get you from day to night. If you’re a low maintenance girl, you can just pop one palette in your bag and a lipstick and you are all set to travel. These palettes are also good for your everyday makeup kit.

clinique milly palette, bitsandtreats

This is the Clinique Milly palette. It comes in a pouch but I don’t use that. This can also take you from day to night and all you need is a tube of lipstick. I bring this palette to my domestic and international destinations. This is also a great palette for when my husband and I decide to have a quick getaway in Tagaytay.

estee lauder gold, bitsandtreats

The Estee Lauder gold palette is for the more adventurous type because of the colors. There are just 2 neutral shades in this palette. I bring this palette when I travel with my family as the word I associate with this palette is “fun” and being with my family is always fun.

glamour to go fairy edition, bitsandtreats

This is the Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition palette. This has been with me in most of my travels as it has 8 eyeshadows, one blush, one lip color and a highlighter. It’s so convenient to bring wherever I go.

glamour to go, bitsandtreats

I haven’t used this Too Faced Glamour to Go palette yet. This is the original Glamour to Go palette and has been a best seller in my store, Hyphen. I was planning to bring this with me to Thailand but alas, it would have to wait. It has 8 eyeshadows, 4 lip colors and 1 blush.

nars15 palette, bitsandtreats

My NARS15 palette has been with me for quite some time now but I never bring this to my domestic travels. I bring this abroad where I always want a more dramatic look to my makeup. People here are just neutral-freaks and I don’t want to stand out as a tourist.

sephora lip, bitsandtreats

Finally, my Sephora lip palette that is a must-have wherever I go.

Stay tuned for my top picks and more travel makeup tips!

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