Saturday, April 27, 2013

What’s the least amount of makeup you can wear when going out?

I love makeup and I spend some time getting all dolled up before going out. The only times that I don’t wear any trace of makeup is when I am being rushed to the hospital. Other than that, you will always find me with a touch of makeup on my face. Here’s the least I can get away with:

stila, etude house, clinique, carmex, bitsandtreats

I have pimple marks on my face so I need to apply foundation or at least a BB cream. This is from Etude House and it’s a great product. I made a review of this product if you are interested. Before applying foundation or BB cream, I always apply a primer. I don’t feel comfortable without a primer. But on days when I need to get out the door fast, I just use the BB cream.

I also use the Clinique Chubby Stick as my lips are super dry. I don’t need to apply lip balm anymore with this product. When I just have to run an errand or pick up my husband from work, I can get away with just the lip balm.

If I still have a few minutes left, I would groom my brows:

bobbi brown bitsandtreats

This is my Bobbi Brown palette and those two brown eyeshadows are what I use for my brows. I can’t live without these colors. I will be devastated if they discontinue these.

What about you? Can you go au naturel or do you at least need to swipe some lipstick on? Share!

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