Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Stradivarius Picks

Stradivarius started out as a family owned business in Barcelona, Spain in 1994. Now it has branches in 46 countries. It has recently landed in our shores and has a boutique in Glorietta. I saw the boutique from a distance on my last trip to the mall. Too bad I was not able to go inside as we were already on our way home. You can’t miss the boutique. When you enter Glorietta from Landmark, the boutique is on your right side.

I’m looking forward to visiting the shop when I get better. Here are a few of my picks from the brand:

stradivarius tops, bitsandtreats

1. Combined top with embroidery detail, Php1290 – I like the detail and white looks so fresh during summer
2. Coral top, Php695 – Coral + summer = fun!
3. Set of 2 multicolored bandeaus, Php695 – I like wearing bandeaus as a substitute to wearing tank tops underneath my clothes
4. Denim shirt, Php1190 – I’m not a huge fan of ombre but I am attracted to this shirt
5. Set of 2 ethnic print bandeaus, Php695 – the more, the merrier!

stradivarius dresses and bottoms, bitsandtreats

1. Crochet dress, Php2290 – There goes that ombre look again but I like the crochet detail better
2. Linen shorts, Php1490 – shorts and summer…
3. Floral print shorts, Php1290 – floral shorts and summer!
4. Dress with embroidery detail, Php1990 – I like the structure of the dress, very young and fresh

stradivarius shoes, bitsandtreats

1. Ethnic flat sandals, Php2190 – I love the detail on this one
2. Denim espadrilles, Php1290 – I wore my espadrilles to death. I’m sure I’ll get good mileage out of this
3. Crossover raffia platform wedges, Php2790 – A nice electric blue to add to my collection
4. Two-tone ledger wedges, Php2,790 – I just love the combination of white and brown
5. Wooden wedges with embroidery detail, Php3,290 – coral + wedges + embroidery = LOVE

Stay tuned for more picks!

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