Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Top Concealers

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I blogged about my top liquid concealers for my under eyes. Now, here are my favorite concealers.

First is the Tinted Eye Brightener from Bobbi Brown which is also included in the other concealer post. It’s really a good versatile concealer.

Next is the Erase Paste from Benefit. I got this pot from my Confessions of a Concealaholic palette. This is the best concealer in that palette. It’s very versatile too.

Then there’s the Bobbi Brown Corrector. This is technically not a concealer but I can actually use this alone. I didn’t buy the concealer anymore as this gives me good coverage already. I’ve also been saving this and I only use this on special occasions. I already bought a backup pot because as you can see, it’s running out. This is the best in the bunch.

Finally, the NARS Custard and Ginger duo which I depotted. I haven’t been using this for a while but when I did, I was really amazed. It glided so smoothly on my super dry skin and it didn’t cake the whole day! The Erase Paste cakes depending on my skin condition. I was able to blend it well in spite of my flakey skin. I was really surprised as I used to ignore this duo. I still have another palette which also needs to be depotted eventually as it’s already too dirty. Now I’m glad that I bought two.

I’ve heard great things about the Revlon concealer. What other concealers would you girls recommend?

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