Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun Polka Dot NOTD

I’m sorry for the late post. I was rushed to the hospital again yesterday for some complications regarding my current health status. I was discharged after a few hours. I had to go back this morning for some follow up with my doctor. I was given some shots and I have to go back again tonight to the ER to get more shots. They were very painful and I’m so glad my husband was there with me. I’m used to getting shots and medicine that are painful but this one was more than anything I’ve ever experienced. When the doctors tell me that the medicine they will inject is painful, I just chuckle. I usually ignore the pain as I have a high pain threshold.  Over the years, I’ve had so many experiences with tests and needles so I’m usually just nonchalant about it.

This morning was different though. I wasn’t ready for this one. It’s funny, my husband asked if he needed to get my water bottle from my mom who was outside the clinic waiting. I laughed and commented to my doctor that my husband was the one who was nervous. After a few minutes, I felt the searing, stabbing pain on my arm and I told my husband to get the water as I might have some vasovagal attack. My doctor rubbed my arm for a few minutes and let my husband take over. The pain lasted for a couple of hours and until now I still feel some pain whenever I lift my arm. My doctor initially wanted the doctors from yesterday to administer the shots but decided that she wanted to do it personally. She’s sweet like that. I’m really glad that she was the one who did it. Now, wish me luck for tonight!
Moving on, here’s a fun NOTD which I did in March that I forgot to post. I think it’s appropriate that it’s fun given my current situation.

fun polka dot notd, bitsandtreats 

Please excuse me if I will not be able to post regularly. I thank you for your understanding and your continued support for this blog. I especially want to thank those who remained faithful to this blog even after my 1-year hiatus. Also, a big shoutout to my readers in the US (I have more US readers than PH ones!) and Russia! Thank you guys!

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