Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick Beauty Fixes when You’re Sick

I’m not in my best condition health-wise but that is not an excuse to look like crap. Whenever I’m sick, I always make it a point to look as good as I can. I’m not saying that I get all dolled up while confined in bed. What I mean is I don’t neglect my beauty routine even when I’m on house arrest or have attacks. I especially don’t skip my beauty routine when I only have some cough and colds and I still need to go out to work. But, I do change my routine a bit depending on my strength and condition. Here are a few beauty quick fixes I do:

Facial Mist
Instead of a moisturizer, I use a facial mist. It cools off my face and neck and does not give me that heavy feeling that moisturizers give. If you have a fever, choose cooling facial mists that have skin smoothing ingredients. If you can’t find a cooling mist, put the bottle in the ref for maximum relief. This will also prevent your skin from getting blotchy.

tbs vitamin e face mist, bitsandtreats

My doctor tells me to take a shower whenever I have a fever. This will cool my entire body off. While there, I don’t forget to shampoo my hair to get rid of the buildup of sweat and oils that have accumulated from hours and hours of lying down. If you can’t stand the showers,  find dry shampoo instead.

Photo from Dove website

Soothing Lotion
Do you know that feeling when you have a fever and your skin gets so hot and the slightest touch hurts? Mine feels like someone is touching me with needles. There are also times when my skin gets so dry (yeah, drier than my present condition) from rubbing with a cold towel. In these instances, I rely on my soothing lotions and Aveeno.

aveeno skin relief moisturizing cream, bitsandtreats

Healing Balms
If your skin is cracking from blowing your nose or wiping, apply some healing balm. I use my Rosebud Salve.


Lip Balms
Lip balms are my best friend whether I’m sick or not but more so when I’m sick. My current favorite is EOS Tangerine. If you need to go out, opt for a tinted lip balm instead so you don’t do the extra step of applying lipstick.

eos medicated tangerine, bitsandtreats

Remember to hydrate. Drink lots of water or natural fruit juices. If you are too dehydrated, drink some Gatorade. You can also try flavored water if you don’t like water. Being hydrated will prevent your skin from looking dull. It will also make you feel better faster.

gatorade, bitsandtreats
Thank you MB!

I’ve been so busy today with work that’s why I posted late. Next, some quick makeup fixes when you’re sick.

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