Monday, April 29, 2013

My Urban Decay Wish List

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I have a lot of Urban Decay products in my collection but that does not stop me from wanting more! I probably won’t be able to buy these anyway so there’s no harm in making a wish list.

1. Naked Skin – Ever since this product came out, I’ve been wanting to try it but I still have several foundations to finish so this would have to wait.

2. OZ Palettes – I know I have a ton of palettes but I just can’t resist these!

3. Naked Flushed – Among these 4 products, I will likely purchase this palette.

4. Cooling Setting Spray – I am intrigued with this product. The description says this is perfect for dry and combination skin so this is perfect for me! I would also like to try this. Maybe I’ll purchase this and the Naked Flushed.

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