Monday, April 22, 2013

The Joys of Being Alone

There are so many people who are afraid of being alone. There are so many girls who are afraid of staying single all their lives. I am fortunate enough to have a family and a husband who loves me and I know who will be with me forever. But, I also enjoy being alone every once in a while. There are some things that single women take for granted. They don’t realize, they should do everything and anything they want before they get married and have kids because by then, they will find very little time for themselves.

I am alone during weekdays. My mom checks up on me from time to time but I spend the majority of my days cooped up in my bed for health reasons. I’m a girl who is always on the go in spite of her health condition but this year, my health really slowed me down. So instead of wallowing in despair and self-pity, I’ve learned to appreciate and be grateful for my alone time.

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When I’m alone, I get to focus on my work. I have work on Saturdays but I always find it so hard to concentrate because my husband is around. Not that he is bugging me but I want to spend the time with him instead of working. Good thing he also has work on Saturday mornings but he always finishes ahead of me so I try my very best to speed up my work so that I can have some bonding time with him. I schedule my harder stuff during weekdays so that I can concentrate on them better. During weekends, I opt to work on the easy stuff.

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I get to make lists, budgets, pay bills and do some financial stuff. I have no idea why I can’t do this when someone is around. I just feel that I need to focus to get everything right. My best ideas come when I’m alone so I guess that’s the reason.

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I can catch up on my reading. I have a lot of sealed books that I really must find the time to read. I bought these books 2 years ago when Fully Booked was on sale. I went crazy book shopping. I really need to make a dent on my library. Since I’m spending so much time at home alone, I’ve decided to tackle these books and give my brain some candy.  By the way, Jostein Gaarder is one of my favorite authors. I also like to inject some chick lit every once in a while to keep some balance in my reading time. Jostein’s works are a bit heavy and hard to digest so I need to take a break once in a while.

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Finally, I get to blog! My husband supports my blogging (he actually suggests topics from time to time and helps me with some stuff)  but sometimes I just can’t write properly when he’s around. Well, I guess I need the space to photograph my stuff and I can’t do that when he’s hanging around.

There are other things that I enjoy doing when I’m alone such as having a DIY Spa Day. When my health gets better, I’ll probably eat in my favorite restaurants, watch chick flicks, do some shopping and hang out at Fully Booked alone. These are things that I can’t do with my husband. I can probably do them with some girlfriends but there are days when I  just want to bask in the blissful feeling of being alone and being free to do anything I want.


  1. I love having aline-time... and your brightest ideas pop-up when you are at unusual places :)

  2. Actually, I was thinking about you and your "when it is too hot" post when I wrote this. Oh, yes. I still get my brightest ideas in those unusual places.



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