Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little help, please?

I have recently rediscovered my Etude House beauty sponge. I stopped using it because I didn’t have the time to wash it after using. I preferred my disposable sponges over it. Now that I have more time on my hands, I use it more often. I do have a problem though. It’s so hard to clean! I’ve had this problem since the beginning.

etude house beauty sponge, bitsandtreats

I’ve tried cleaning it with Ivory soap and my Etude House makeup remover (Bubble Oil, I think) but it still has foundation stains all over. I’d like to continue using it (as it’s not necessarily cheap)  but the stains are really bothering me.

If you have a similar product, I’d like to know how you clean it. Thank you ladies!


  1. Try using oil. It can be baby oil or olive oil, whichever you want.

    With the sponge still dry, rub and work the oil into the stains. The oil will help to break down the remaining makeup that's causing the stain. Repeatedly do this and squeeze the sponge until it's all gone.

    After, use your usual method and clean the sponge with soap to get rid of the oil that's now on it. It may take a while, but like earlier, keep washing and squeezing until there's no more oil left.

    Hopefully that works for you! :)

    1. Thanks for this tip Ari! I will definitely do this next time!



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