Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things That I Need to Stop Hoarding Now

It’s only now that I’m an adult that I realize that I have hoarding tendencies. By watching all those home makeovers, cleanup shows, etc. I’ve realized that I can relate to some of those people who hoard stuff. Growing up, I didn’t intentionally hoard stuff. It was accidental. The women in my family are hoarders so I know where I got it from. Now that I’ve been stuck at home for several months, I have time to take stock of my belongings and purge. I started earlier this year with my clothes and then my makeup. Here are more things that I’m promising myself to stop hoarding.

Shopping Bags and Eco Totes
I have a really bad habit of hoarding shopping bags and when eco totes became fasyon, I hoarded those as well. I keep the shopping bags because I use them when I give stuff to my cousins. Cousin C also regularly asks for a few pieces to put her stuff in when she goes out or when she has to give something to somebody.

As for eco totes, I also have a ton of them. I use them to send stocks to the store. The problem is they rarely come back and when they do, they are already in a sorry state. I think that’s the reason why I hoarded them.

This year, I vow to only keep the really useful shopping bags. If it’s too small, it goes to the bin.

sm pink tote, bitsandtreats

Beauty products

cosmetics shopping list, bitsandtreats

Although I already purged my makeup collection, I have to say that it’s a different thing when it comes to toiletries. I am guilty of opening one product before I finish the other. Case in point – Bench Sweet Serendipity, Body Treats Hand Cream, Beautyous lotion. I should really finish one product first before opening another. I’ve also decided to stop hoarding stuff from Watsons because they are always on sale anyway plus my husband and I discovered a few really good products this year to replace our Watsons brand products.


f21 shopping list 1, bitsandtreats

I had over 200 pieces of clothing before I started purging. I brought it down to 150-ish.  I’d like to bring that number down to a hundred or less than 150.  I already downsized my wardrobe earlier this year and discovered that I have a few missing key pieces. So yeah, I will purge but I will also shop. Simplifying my wardrobe allowed me to discover the areas where I should improve on and the areas where I have too much of.


Forever21 accessories, by  bitsandtreats

I have a ton of accessories. I’ve always been an accessories girl for as long as I can remember. The problem with me is when I like something, I buy it in all colors. I’ve stopped that habit but I still go crazy when I shop for accessories. I adopted the system of one in, one out and so far it’s working.


assorted books from fully booked, by bitsandtreats

I have a ton of unread books. Now that I am on house arrest, I’ve been slowly trying to make a dent to my collection. I’d like to buy e-books but the titles that I like are more expensive than the actual books. Plus, I really can’t replace the feeling of a good old book in my hands. It’s just not the same as reading from a tablet or laptop.

As you can tell, I’ve been doing a lot of improvements in many areas of my life this year. I guess God made me want to stop, breathe and think about my life that’s why I’ve been put on bed/house arrest this year. I’m really glad that I am able to take a breather and re-focus my priorities.

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