Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Your Blush Look More Natural

I think the reason why I don’t have a lot of blushes is because I only apply a little at a time, maybe too little. It’s one of those things that I don’t give much thought about when I’m doing my makeup. I’m also too lazy to retouch during the day. But, the right blush application can make you look healthy and give you that certain glow. Now that I’m very pale, I really need to make an effort with my blush. I don’t need to go overboard and look like a clown but I should really make it look like I have rosy cheeks (so that I look healthy). Here are a few tips on how to make your blush look more natural.

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Choose your shade
Start with a shade that is close to your natural flush. The darker your skin is, the deeper your blush should be so that you won’t look sallow.

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Pick the right brush

I usually use these 3 brushes. The first one is the ELF blush brush. It’s actually too small so I have to really blend the blush so that I won’t end up with blush circles on my cheeks. The next is the ELF powder brush which is more ideal. Like I said before, you can use this to apply bronzer as well. Finally, the Sigma large powder brush. Of the three, this is the most ideal brush as you won’t end up with circles or harsh edges. You can blend your blush easily.  As for me, I only use this to blend out my blush when I put too much.  My cheeks are too small for this brush. I also use this to remove any excess blush. Choose a medium brush for the perfect application if you are working on a small area.

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Blend, blend, blend

After brushing, take it further by using a sponge or your Beauty Blender to blend down the blush some more to make it look more natural. Blending out the edges makes it sheerer so you look more like you have pinched cheeks.

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Save the glitter

Finally, save the glitter for the evening. Glittery blush looks fake during daytime. Aside from that, the glitter will make your skin look bumpy and dry. Opt for a silk finish blush instead.

After writing this post, I feel the urge to buy some more blushes!

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