Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I’m not a huge fan of Aeropostale as their items tend to be sporty and my sporty days are waaaayyy over. I’m also not a huge fan of t-shirts (except Uniqlo ones) and Aeropostale has really rocking shirts and they are known for that but they are opening a flagship store in Glorietta and they’re on my “to visit” list for when I get better. I did a quick search and found that they are now offering fashion tops, dresses and skirts. So, here are my picks from the brand:

aeropostale picks, bitsandtreats

1. Lace bouquet cami
2. Lace cupcake top
3. Sheer cropped crochet tank
4. Sheer lace front V-neck top
5. Sheer lacy ruffled tunic
6. Striped hibiscus maxi dress – because I love maxi dresses!

As you can see, all of my picks are sheer or lace. I just love these materials! I love mixing and matching them with my skirts and shorts.

I love accessories and here are some that caught my eye.

aeropostale picks2, bitsandtreats

I hope the price points are close just like Forever 21 and yeah, their items are similar to F21’s. I just hope the quality is better.

*I had a bad day. I have issues with work and my personal life but some of them are now sorted out and I feel better that’s why the lack of posts. I’ll try to blog more in the following days.

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