Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodies from Thailand

My sister went to Thailand again last week. Mom was supposed to go with her but she decided to stay to take care of me. Well, actually, a bunch of us were supposed to go including grandma but my health got worse so we all stayed except for my sister who had to attend a conference there.

My sister is my complete opposite. We don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things especially beauty and fashion. I’m high maintenance while she only puts on makeup when she has to attend events and even so, she asks mom or me to do it for her. The only thing she is an expert on applying is lipstick. We do agree on one thing though and that is food. I can ask mom to bring home some cosmetics and clothes for me but I couldn’t ask my sister to do that. It would be a disaster! = ) So I asked her for 3 things instead – Calbee, Hello Kitty candy and cashews. Last night, my mom knocked on our door and handed my husband a bag full of these:

calbee, bitsandtreats

Calbee is my favorite prawn snack! I like the ones from Thailand better than the ones from Hong Kong as they are not too salty. This is my sister’s favorite as well so I was sure she wouldn’t forget.

calbee tom yum, bitsandtreats

She also got it in Tom Yum flavor. I’m scared to try it but I will eventually open this bag.

angry birds snack, bitsandtreats

I totally laughed when I saw this bag of Angry Birds Cuttlefish flavored snack. My sister had a crazy phase with Angry Birds so naturally she would pick this up.

cashews, bitsandtreats

My husband brought home 2 packs of Thailand cashews one day. I don’t know where he bought it but when I told him I was craving for cashews, he immediately bought some and gave them as pasalubong from the office. It was so good that I asked my sister to buy me some too. This is not the same brand but I’m hoping this will taste good. I don’t like the Tong Garden brand because the cashews are coated in coconut milk. I am addicted to cashews! First it was almonds then pistachios and now cashews!

hello kitty soft jelly candy, bitsandtreats

Finally, my Hello Kitty candy! These are not the same ones as mom got for me. Mom bought hard candies and chewy candies. These ones are soft jelly coated with sugar. My sister said the hard candies were out of stock. I’m so happy she bought me several packs. I need these for when my sugar drops.

I will post a review of these products in my food blog

*Thank you sis!

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