Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Favorite Bobbi Brown Products

bobbi brown favorites, bitsandtreats

I have a lot of Bobbi Brown products. I can say that not everything is worth the price and I was not impressed with some of them but the ones pictured above are truly worth the price.

First is the BB Cream. My mentor loved using this on me. Actually, when these BB Creams first arrived in the PH, I was the guinea pig at Rustan’s Makati. My mentor tried different shades on me as I have acidic skin. It was also her first time to use BB creams. Bobbi Brown’s foundations are no match for my skin. Before the day ends, my skin already looks dark. This BB cream was the perfect match and my mentor was so happy about it. After that, she became a true advocate of Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream. She used it and recommended it to her clients. It’s pretty expensive for a BB cream though. It costs over Php2,000 but a little goes a long way. I’m still thinking if I want to repurchase this because of the price but if you can afford it, go ahead and splurge!

Next is my palette. My favorite in this palette are the two brown eyeshadows that I use for my brows. They’re the best I’ve used so far and I will definitely repurchase. And, with the eyeshadows I use the eyebrow brush which is fantastic! I do hope this will last me a long time as it was quite an investment. So far, so good.

favorite bobbi brown products, bitsandtreats

Next is my Bobbi Brown bronzer. This is the perfect bronzer for me that’s why I’m saving it. I only use it on special occasions as it is quite expensive too. I will finish my other bronzers first before I go back to this.

This corrector is the bomb! I am also saving this and only using it for special occasions. It does not crease and does not get dark.

Finally, Bikini Pink. This is my favorite shade of pink. If I want to look extra pretty or girly, I reach for this lipstick. I am almost done with this tube and I don’t know if I will repurchase as I have a long list of lipstick lemmings to buy. = )

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