Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why Shadow Insurance is my favorite primer and not UDPP

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Before I tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I was really hooked on UDPP. I was really amazed with this product. Then I tried Shadow Insurance and discovered a few faults with the UDPP.

First off, the packaging. The old UDPP bottle posed a lot of problems. The product inside gets concentrated in the middle. When I asked MB to cut it in half, I got enough product to fill a small jar. The problem was, it dried up quickly.

Second is the applicator. Sure it’s great if the product came in a tube, like a lip gloss. But the doe foot applicator was useless for me when it came to scooping out the primer.

There are no issues like these with the Shadow Insurance because it comes in a squeeze-type tube. Sure Urban Decay revamped UDPP’s packaging to a tube but I still have problems with it. The product still dries up quickly. I got this Shadow Insurance tube before the UDPP tube and the UDPP is drying out already whereas the Shadow Insurance only needs a few shakes and it’s like new.

As you can see, there’s a flat space in the UDPP tube in the middle from all the squeezing. The tube does not go back to its original shape whereas the Shadow Insurance is still perfectly puffy.

There were times when the UDPP creased on me, probably because it’s drying out. I’ve never experienced creasing with the Shadow Insurance.

As with price, they are both $20 but I would take Shadow Insurance over UDPP any day even if UDPP was on sale. I am currently using the old UDPP bottle as I want to use it up then I will move on to the tube. I won’t even bother cutting it into half when the time comes as the product will prove to be useless. I want to finish all my UDPP and just use Shadow Insurance.


  1. really nice comparison. I've always wanted to try Too Faced eyeshadow insurance since it has way more better reviews compared to UDPP. I'm currently using the ELF Primers, from both the Mineral and Studio Line and they work just fine. I just never caved into the hype. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Hi Hollie! I also have the ELF primer and I would dare to say that it is comparable to the UDPP. I like the ELF primer as well. = )



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