Thursday, May 30, 2013

Perfect Combination

I’ve been very tired lately. I can only do a few things then I’d have to take a nap. I’ve been taking several naps throughout the day and night (yes, night). I also keep waking up in the middle of the night because of the heat so that’s not helping either. My last checkup wasn’t stellar either so that got me a bit worried for a day or two but I’m okay now. Everything’s going to be fine as they always do.

Anyway, here is another perfect combination I discovered. It’s amazing how much I discover with my makeup collection when I rarely use them.

shu uemura BB cream, revlon photoready foundation, bitsandtreats

These are my Shu Uemura BB Mousse and Revlon PhotoReadyFoundation in Cool Beige. I haven’t been using my BB mousse because the shade is too light even for my acidic skin. On the other hand, I bought the foundation for a gig but since I won’t be having any gigs any time soon, I decided to use it. The problem is, the shade is too dark. So one day I had the brilliant idea of combining them. I tested it and it looks so natural on my face. It’s the perfect match! This is the combination I used in my last post (if you’d like to see a reference).

I apply these using my fingers then smoothen it out using my Etude House beauty sponge. It lasts for several hours without retouching. I set it with any of my foundations or my Laneige sun powder.

Without the mousse, the liquid foundation is just not enough. My T-zone becomes oily in just a few hours. I’m really glad that I discovered this combination as I am able to utilize two products that I thought I needed to give away.

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