Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stationery Junkie

Hey, hey! I was so swamped with work yesterday that I was not able to schedule a post for today so yeah, this one’s late. Anyway, before anything else, a huge shoutout goes to Hanny! Thank you for following my blog and I’m glad that you find it useful. = ) Keep the comments coming ladies as I love reading them and learning about you as well.

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Aside from being a makeup junkie, I’m also a stationery junkie! I can’t help it, I’m OC and I love making lists and writing down stuff. I don’t have a diary or a journal but sometimes I do write my feelings when I’m angry or sad just to blow off steam. After some time, when I come across those entries again, I tear them up and toss them in the bin. No sense holding on to bad memories.

I’ve been collecting stickers and stationeries since I was a kid. I stopped when I got older because I realized that it was a waste of money because I refused to use them. Now I am slowly making a dent to my huge stationery collection. I used to have 2 large boxes of stationeries. Now they fit comfortably into one small hole in my shelf. One day I would have to go through them to purge. And yes, I am now using them. = )

Right now, I’m fighting off the urge to buy more “grown up” stationery – notepads, notebooks, pens, etc. I still have a lot more to use up. Like a ton more.

I thought I’d share this with you to get a kick start of your working day. I like surrounding myself with pretty things while I work so that I will be more inspired to finish my tasks quickly. Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Good stuff :) I love cute pens but forbidden to use them in my new office (just when TL is around)

  2. I love them!
    I, myself, collects stuff like these. :) My mom really hates it when I go to school supplies because I hoard everything pretty and cute I see. Hahahaha


    1. I know, right? You know that you won't have any use for them in the near future but you just can't resist! Thanks for dropping by Elle!

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    1. I rarely see the scented ones! They used to abound when we were kids. Oh, and Kisses too! We used to buy them in different colors just to make our collections more fragrant!



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