Friday, May 10, 2013

Time for a Summer Makeup Kit Makeover! (Part 2)

Continuing with our series, the next products you need are bronzers:

the multipl in south beach, bitsandtreats

You can use a cream bronzer (my current favorite) or you can stick to your regular powder-based bronzer:

powder bronzer, bitsandtreats

Remember that one tends to get darker during summer so you may need to change your shade. Bronzers look amazing especially if you have tanned skin from all that beach hopping! If you’re going to the beach, don’t forget to take your favorite bronzer with you. Opt for cream ones that have a bit of shimmer so you sparkle when the sun hits you.

cheek colors, bitsandtreats

Next are cheek colors. Now I find that powder blushes are not enough during summer especially if you have oily skin. You need to layer your colors so they stay longer. I prefer using a lip and cheek cream or a cheek tint like Cha Chat Tint from Benefit. To avoid that sticky feeling with cream blushes, I set it with powder blushes in almost the same shade. I say almost because I enjoy mixing them up. By the way, Cha Chat Tint is the perfect summer shade for me!

You also need lip colors:

lippies, bitsandtreats

I generally avoid lip glosses during this time because of that sticky feeling. You can use them if you stay in an air conditioned place most of the time. I stick to tinted lip balms or go for brighter pinks. Red is great for those summer night parties and happenings.

Finally, you need a setting spray to make everything last longer.

ud setting spray, bitsandtreats

You can skip this part if you have really good primers for your eyes and face and if you have good quality makeup. There are good quality makeup out there that are affordable but be sure to test them out first before purchasing. You can ask the SA to give you a mini makeover to test how long their products will last on your face. Take note of outstanding products and invest in them.

Have fun in the sun but be sure to stay protected (by using sunscreens) and hydrated!

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