Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Perfect Combination

I like wearing orange during summer whether it be makeup or clothes. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and decided to wear bright cheerful colors instead of the usual browns and pinks. I opted to wear Cha Cha Tint for my cheeks. But, I have a problem with Cha Cha Tint as it looks too orange on my cheeks. So I decided on this combination:

georgia, cha cha tint, bitsandtreats

Georgia is too light on my cheeks while Cha Cha Tint is too dark so this really was a perfect combination for my skin tone. Georgia really muted down the “harshness” of Cha Cha on my cheeks.

benefit georgia and cha cha tint, bitsandtreats

It was truly a wise choice and I will be wearing this combination all throughout summer.

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