Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Favorite Multitasking Products

I didn’t realize the importance of multitasking makeup until I got so busy with Hyphen and Table E last year. I now appreciate them and enjoy using them even on days when it’s not so harried.

Here are my favorites:

my favorite multitasking products, bitsandtreats

First is Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl. This is a highlighter but I used it as a primer before and it gave me that dewy look. I haven’t opened this tube yet because I still have a lot of highlighters to finish.

Next is my Pot Rouge from Bobbi Brown. I only used this for my lips but then one day my cheeks were so dry that I needed a cream blush and this turned out to be the perfect shade. I now use it for my cheeks as well.

I probably won’t be able to stop praising this Stila One Step. I am almost through with this bottle and I will really miss it once I hit pan.

Finally, these two lip and cheek creams from Etude House. They are perfect for everyday use. I think these are limited edition. I haven’t seen any lip and cheek creams from the brand in a while.

Oh, I almost forgot.

tbs lemongrass refreshing foot spray, bitsandtreats

This is a foot spray from TBS given by my sister. Aside from spraying it on my tired feet, I also use this for mosquito bites. It’s very effective, I tell you. If I get several bites on my legs, I spray a generous amount and let it dry. The itching will stop. No need to scratch! I will definitely repurchase!

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  1. I will definitely want to try that TBS foot spray because I get mosquito bites mostly all the time. Thanks for sharing!

    Much love,
    Rochelle Rivera



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